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My name is Nicolò and my home-town is Falconara Marittima (central Italy on Adriatic sea) even if i live in Pisa most of the year. I was born in March, 1994. I’m a student of Computer Science at University of Pisa.

I became fascinated as a child in radio experiments and contesting thanks to my father and his passion to ham radio world. With my father IK6VXO and Italo IK6JNH we are busy to grow up our contest station, in the site you can follow our works and progress we make.

I run mostly in SSB and RTTY on HF bands. I usually take part in contests like CQ WW , CQ WPX and other Italian contests.

I’ve been member of IY6GM , a Marconian station, that every year was active from Ancona’s Lighthouse (ARLHS ITA-104) to commemorate some radio experiments carried out by Guglielmo Marconi in 1904 in this important place. We are working to be active again from this outstanding place.

I’ve been: IQ6AN (italian contests, RDXC, CQ WW RTTY, CQ WPX RTTY), IR6T (CQ WW SSB, CQ WPX SSB), IR4M (CQ WW SSB 2013), 9A8DV (RSGB Iota 2013, RSGB Iota 2014, RSGB Iota 2015, RSGB Iota 2016), ES9YOTA (Estonia August 2013 – Youngsters on the Air), OH2YOTA (Finland July 2014 –  Youngsters on the Air), II5YOTA (Italy July 2015 – Youngsters on the Air), IQ1RY (CQ WW RTTY 2014), II0HQ (IARU HF Championship Italian HQ), II6HQ (from IR6T in IARU HF Championship Italian HQ) , II9P (CQ WW SSB 2014, ARRL DX SSB 2015, CQ WW SSB 2015), 4O3A (CQ WW RTTY 2015 | 4O/IZ6TSA operation before and after contest).

I grew up with the computer and now I love to write softwares. Pages of this site are dedicated to what i’m doing for Hams.

Visit my Logonline page to check your callsign in my logs. You can also request a QSL card by sending me an e-mail with all details contacts. (( For other callsign’s logonline please visit the others site of this network you can find in the upper right of each page  ))

I hope you have a good time during your visit in this website.
73 de IZ6TSA Nicolò

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